Selected Published Articles, Chapters, and Books (Peer Reviewed)


2010. Security, development and the fragile state: Bridging the gap between theory and policy. (With D. Carment and Y. Samy). Oxford: Routledge.


2015. “Whose feedback? A multilevel analysis of student completion of end-of-term teaching evaluations.” (With Leah P. Macfadyen, Shane Dawson, and Dragan Gašević. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 1-19.

2011. “Substantial movements, substantive democracy: Recent comparative studies of Andean politics.” Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 35(70): 229-247.

2011. “The Method Makes the Manuscript: Key Texts in the Theoretical and Methodological Advancement of the Study of Civil War.” (With G. Clayton, L. Gissel, L. Gomsrud, E. Leclerc Gagne, E. Paasche, J. Schaefer). Journal of Intervention and State Building.

2009. “Jamaican and Haitian diasporas.” (With D. Carment, C. Dade, A. Harrington, and P. Unheim). Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self Knowledge. 7(4): 15-36.

2008. “State fragility and implications for aid allocation: an empirical analysis.” (With D. Carment and Y. Samy). Conflict Management and Peace Science. 25(4): 349-373.

2006. “The 2006 CIFP Country Indicators for Foreign Policy: Opportunities and challenges for the Canadian Government.” (With D. Carment, S. el-Achkar, and Y. Samy). Canadian Foreign Policy. 13(1): 1-35.

Book Chapters

2011. “Determinants of state fragility and implications for aid allocation: An assessment based on the Country Indicators for Foreign Policy project.” (With D. Carment and Y. Samy). In Naudé, W.A., Santos-Paulino, A. and McGillivray, M. eds. Fragile States: Causes, Costs, and Responses. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2008. “Jamaica, Haiti, and the role of diasporas.” (With D. Carment, A. Harrington, and P. Unheim). D. Carment and D. Bercuson, eds. Canadian foreign policy and the new 3Ds: diaspora, demography and domestic politics. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press.

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations

2017. “Ostromian Communities and the Avoidance of Conflict.” International Studies Association. Baltimore 22-25 February.

2017. “Weapons of the Weak States: Strategies of Resistance in Global Governance Regimes.” International Studies Association. Baltimore 22-25 February.

2016. “Rough Peace: Ostromian Communities and the Avoidance of Armed Conflict in Bolivia.” Canadian Political Science Association. Calgary, AB. 31 May-2 June.

2016. “United for Peace? Ostromian Communities and the Avoidance of Resource Conflict in Bolivia.” International Studies Association. Atlanta, 16-19 March.

2016. “Rough Peace: Ostromian Communities and the Avoidance of Armed Conflict in Bolivia.” International Studies Association. Atlanta, 16-19 March.

2013. “The view from the Mezzanine: Micro-level violence linking to macro-level conflict.” International Studies Association. San Francisco, California. 3-6 April.

Other Scholarly and Policy Papers

Forthcoming. “Towards a Canadian Civic Literacy Community of Practice.” With Samara Canada.

2017. “Designing National Action for Civic Literacy in Canada.” Prepared in partnership with Samara Canada for the Privy Council Office of Canada—Democratic Institutions. (With Michael Morden, Jennifer Mussel, and Laura Pin). December.

2016. “What we Talk About When We Talk About Electoral Reform.” With Samara Canada. August 2016.

2014. “Compelled to err: Fieldwork as iterative experiential learning.” LASA Forum. 45(2): 6-8.

2006. “Assessing the circumstances and forms of Canada’s involvement in fragile states: Towards a methodology of relevance and impact.” (With D. Carment, J. Gazo, T. Bell, and S. Houghton). Human Security Bulletin. December.

2005. “Failed and fragile states: A concept paper for the Canadian Government.” (With D. Carment, J. Gazo, and T. Bell). Prepared for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). December.

2005. “Upheaval in Haiti: The criminal threat to Canada.” Background research document created for Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) SENTINEL Strategic Early Warning Pilot Project.

Relevant Professional Experience

Political Science Instructor, 2015-Present, Vancouver B.C.

  • POL 321: The Canadian Federal System, Simon Fraser University, Fall 2018
  • POLI 1102: Introduction to Canadian Government, Douglas College, Winter 2018, Fall 2018 (2 sections)
  • POLI 2202: Introduction to Canadian Politics, Douglas College, Winter 2018
  • POL 100: Introduction to Politics (Columbia College, Summer 2018)
  • POLI 2240: International Political Economy, Langara College, Winter 2018
  • GLBS 110: Introduction to Global Studies, Capilano University, Winter 2018
  • POL 100: Introduction to Politics, Capilano University, Fall 2017, Summer 2018
  • POL 315: Utopias and Dystopias, Capilano University, Fall 2017
  • POLI 100: Introduction to Politics, University of British Columbia, Summer 2017
  • POLI 328: Comparative Insurgencies, UBC, Winter 2017
  • POLI 360: International Security, UBC, Summer 2015

Professional Consultant, 2006-Present

Public engagement, research, and professional course development and facilitation services in the areas of development, conflict prevention and resolution, early warning and early response, foreign and development policy analysis, and political institutions. Projects include:

  • Samara Canada: Research and writing of a public report, “Towards a Civic Literacy Community of Practice” in cooperation with Samara staff. July-September 2018.
  • Samara Canada: Research and writing of a report to the Privy Council Office of Canada—Democratic Institutions, “Designing National Action for Civic Literacy in Canada” in cooperation with Samara staff. November-December 2017.
  • Samara Canada: Research and writing of an accessible electoral reform primer, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Electoral Reform” in cooperation with Samara staff. June-August 2016.
  • World Food Programme: Design and facilitation of a two-day workshop focusing on principles of early warning for mission-relevant events. Workshop provided 17-18 July 2012 in Rome.
  • Pearson Peacekeeping Centre (PPC): Business Assessment Project: Design produce a series of 15 country/organization reports describing current and future areas of focus, and assessing potential for working relationships. Jan-March 2012.
  • UNDP Ukraine, Crimean Integration and Development program: Provision of methodological training and support to local researchers; development and facilitation of capacity-building course for local analysts, advisors, and members of the Human Security Council, provided 3-7 December 2007.
  • PPC and Japan International Cooperation Agency: Research and development of a five-day workshop on Early Warning/Early Response to conflict; Co-facilitation of workshop at Hiroshima, Japan, 27-31 March 2006.

Senior Research Analyst / Project Coordinator, 2005-2008, Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (CIFP), Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Fragile States Monitoring and Assessment Project, and CIDA Office for Democratic Governance (ODG) Democratic Processes and Governance Assessment Project

  • Coordination of research publications, projects; co-author and editor of major project articles and other papers

Education and Fellowships

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2016-2017, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA), Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
  • PhD in Political Science, 2016, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Dissertation title: “Rough peace: Understanding the absence of civil conflict in Bolivia”
  • Master of Arts in International Affairs, 2006, NPSIA, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Bachelor of Arts, with Great Distinction, 2001, Augustana University College (AUC); now Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta, Camrose, Alberta
    • Concentrations in History and Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Science, with Great Distinction, 2000, AUC, Camrose, Alberta
    • Concentrations in Mathematics and Physics

Selected Awards and Scholarships

  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, NPSIA ($81,000; 2016-2017) [Originally awarded to Study at Yale University]
  • IDRC Doctoral Research Award, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) ($15,750; 2011)
  • Security and Defence Forum Doctoral Dissertation Fieldwork Research Award, UBC ($4,000; 2011)
  • Consular Corps of BC Graduate Scholarship in International Relations, UBC ($4,000; 2010)
  • Liu Scholar, Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC
  • J.-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Canada Government Scholarship (CGS), SSHRC ($105,000; 2008-2011)
  • Governor General’s Academic Medal, AUC (2001), Camrose Composite High School (1996)

Selected Commentary

2018. With Chris Tenove. “Here’s how to protect Canadian democracy in 2018.” Ottawa Citizen. 29 Jan.

2017. “Despite what we witnessed in Charlottesville, norms are still at work in U.S. society.” 19 Aug.

2017. The B.C. Liberals should offer up one of their own for the job of Speaker.” 8 Jul.

2017. “Relax B.C., there’s no need to rush into new election.” Vancouver Sun. 14 Jun.

2017. “The West is Dead. Long Live the West.” Policy Options. 5 Jun.

2016. “Outlier or Laggard? Canada’s Missing Neo-Nationalists.” Duck of Minverva. 20 Dec.

2016. “Here’s an argument for Proportional Representation – the yellow dog effect.” Ottawa Citizen. 18 Oct.

2016. With Jane Hilderman. “Don’t leave it to ‘experts’ – Here’s how you, too, can tackle electoral reform.” Ottawa Citizen. 19 Sep.

2016. “Why everybody’s talking about referendums.” Ottawa Citizen. 22 Aug.

2016. “Referendum or citizens’ assembly? Which will give us a better electoral system?” Ottawa Citizen. 30 May.

2016. “On electoral reform, getting the process right is crucial. Ottawa Citizen. 30 May.

2016. “Winning Canada’s ‘progressive primary.’” National Post. 22 May.

2016. “The false debate over false majorities.” Ottawa Citizen. 18 Apr.

2016. “Fourth Estate: The Fifth Business of Canadian Democracy. Policy Options. 21 Feb.

2015. “Considering our options: Canada and the Syrian Crisis. Policy Options. 20 Sep.

2015. A Senator’s criticisms of the Reform Act make no sense whatsoever.” 1 Jun 2015.

2015. “An informal coalition of experts has become the most effective opposition to the Tory government.” 20 Mar.

2015. “Canada needs to incentivize voting.” 30 May.

2014. “Race in the NFL Draft.” Pacific Standard. (Reprinted from The Society Pages.) 19 May.

2014. “Healthy political systems require checks on power.” Ottawa Citizen. 23 Jan.

2013. With David Carment. “Finding the ‘root causes’ of terrorism is the core of Canadian policy.” Globe and Mail. 23 Apr.

2013. With David Carment. “Canada’s new aid policy: Responsibility to reimburse?” 16 Apr.